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Click 'n Go Billing for Veterinarians

Click 'n Go Billing™ is well suited to the veterinarian industry. Click 'n Go Billing™ allows you to quickly generate a bill, enter fees and other charges, all while you are with a client, or immediately after the service is rendered. Maximize your revenue with real-time recording of client charges, eliminating the need for data entry at a latter point in time. Streamline the process and efficiently bill your clients by email or in print, with a few just a few mouse clicks. Click 'n Go Billing™ helps you efficiently manage client mailing lists and reports through the use of multiple, customizable characteristics which build a unique client profile.

Save data entry time and increase accuracy by using Click 'n Go Billing™'s repeating transactions feature. This feature allows you to set up automated recurring charges such as field visits, herd management, vaccinations, animal maintenance, etc. Veterinarians can effortlessly generate bills on site which can then be emailed. Mobile veterinarians will benefit from Click 'n Go Billing™'s flexibility and adaptability to nearly any internet-connected device, from desktop computer to tablet to mobile phone. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, or iOS, Click 'n Go Billing™ is your billing, customer management, and recordkeeping workhorse.

Veterinarians have particular needs that are met by the Click 'n Go Billing™ software. Managing client records, including health records for multiple animals per customer, remaining current on outstanding balances and payments, maintaining control of inventoried products such as vaccines, supplements, foods, and medications, can save time and eliminate loss. In those cases where sales or service taxes may be applicable, Click 'n Go Billing gives you the ability to bill and track the appropriate charges.

Lab results, post-visit summaries, and rabies certificates can be generated and emailed to a client, eliminating paper waste and postage costs. Prescription drug labels can be generated with an off-the-shelf label printer.

Click 'n Go Billing™ features the ability to effortlessly charge special rates for time, services and expenses, on a client-by-client basis.

Choose one of the many available statement formats which can be produced either in a batch, or on a client-by-client basis. Do you want a custom bill format or a special report? Not a problem. Simply contact us for a no-obligation quote on affordable customization tailored to your special needs.

Affordable Growth Potential

Click 'n Go Billing™ can accommodate up to 12 concurrent users for the same low price of $99 per month. Unlike other billing programs, we don't charge an additional fee for each user. Your monthly subscription includes up to four hours of technical support each month at no additional charge.

Responsive Customer Service

When you sign up for Click 'n Go Billing™, you are getting decades of experience ready to support you and your business. We have always believed that our customers come first, and that long-term associations with them is the best way to do business. We have been in business since 1991, providing on-demand computer support, custom web page design, website hosting and maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), business consulting, marketing, IT planning, and staff training services. With Click 'n Go Billing™, you will get the performance that your business demands and deserves, backed by years of expertise and support.

Our software is backed by excellent customer support which means if you have an issue, then we have an issue. When you call, we will answer and help get you the support you need now, not next week. Appaloosa Business Services prides itself on being a customer-first company, and we prove it every day.

Click 'n Go Billing for Law Firms

  • Maximize billables
  • Email or print statements
  • Up to 12 users
  • Low monthly price


Click 'n Go Billing for Veterinarians

  • Integrated billing and patient records
  • Ideal for mobile or traditional practices
  • Easy to learn and use


Click 'n Go Billing for Delivery Services

  • Flexible billing methods
  • Easy delivery scheduling
  • Outstanding technical support


Click 'n Go Billing for Consultants

  • Accessible from nearly any computer, tablet or phone
  • Quickly generate bills
  • Multiple statement formats